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AutoGenX is dedicated to helping you achieve the ultimate in:

Reducing your overall Carbon Footprint!

From offering simple solutions such as changing your bulbs to designing and installing a complete solar solution.

The best solution is to begin creating a solution. It's not an all or nothing process.
We like to start customers with the knowledge so you can make better decisions. Adding an Energy Usage Monitor for a couple hundred dollars is a great start and will open your eyes to the reality of what often frustrates you; your electric bill.

Complaining to your friends or neighbors will not reduce your costs or Carbon Footprint.

We will work with you and your budget to create a solution that makes sense.
Automated Motion and Time Sensors
Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Solar Powered Lighting
Weatherproofing Products
.... is just the beginning of what we can help you with.


AutoGenX is an innovative energy consultant providing services to industrials, institutions and other major energy consumers. Solid, creative results are achieved by applying proven practices and precise cost analysis to each client’s unique situation. As an energy consultant, AutoGenX provides the expertise and full time commitment of monitoring the energy market and regulatory developments which enhance the basis of your energy decisions.

Electric Procurement & Cost Reduction Services


We will help you automate your home with systems that are available for every income level and lifestyle. Whether you have a new or existing home or business, we will provide a solution tailored to your situation.

Adding motion sensors is a great and efficient way to be sure lights are not left on. Having a system that knows whether someone is home or not can go far in reducing costs.

How would you like to come home to a fully cooked 7 course meal every night?
Ok, we are just kidding on this one!

We work with our partner network giving us access to the best products world wide. We don't "sell you our products", but provide what we feel is best for you. You may specify Full Automation Capability, Including Entertainment, Lighting, and Security Concepts.  Commercial and Residential applications will include control functions appropriate for the nature of each project.


You may be looking for a partial reduction in your costs of energy usage or a complete solution. Either way, we can help you from concept to completion to support. We are not done when the job is done. We are done .... never, as long as you need us, even to simply answer questions you may have now or many years down the road.

We provide high-effiency solar solutions for homes and businesses.
Integrated Systems
Pre-Configured Systems
Turnkey Solutions
Solar Batteries
PV Mounting Hardware

All to provide a long term solution for your energy needs.


          We work closely with our clients to design and oversee the installation of complete commercial and residential systems, focusing on electronics and environmental considerations at the leading edge of their technologies.

          With years of experience, AutoGenX can also provide the finest products as an integral part of your total system.   Any size system, from modifying your current situation to complete forward looking solutions.

          We specialize in complete automation for the ultimate in convenience, lifestyle enhancement, and personal safety.  These features apply not just in your home, but at work, on vacation, even en-route to travel destinations.

          Our world today is - and will in the future continue to be ever more so - vastly different than most have foreseen.
This is just the beginning, however…

          Make arrangements soon for an interview in which we can determine your special requirements, which will lead us to your unique solution.  This must be done with complete confidentiality, and thus the crucial details will only be discussed in an individual interview, not showcased on a web page.

          Call or contact AutoGenX today.  It could be the single most important decision you will make to protect and ensure the integrity of “your world,  


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